The Sonora A's - Welcoming you to the Motherlode!!

Let’s start off with a bit thank you to all those who participated in the yearly Thanksgiving Pot Luck Meeting! We had a pretty decent turn out, though I’ve been told it wasn’t as much as other years. We did miss a lot of you though, and hopefully we’ll get to see you at the Christmas Dinner!

We had about 30 people show up, and lot’s of delicious food! A big thanks to Gary and Frankie Bundgard for the delicious turkey! I am a big turkey snob on Thanksgiving and this was some grade AA turkey. It was perfectly cooked, and amazingly moist! We had lots of other great stuff of course, stuffing for those of us who like that sort of thing (I personally don’t) salad, rolls and biscuits, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, ham, and a few other things I know I’m forgetting, but that I don’t honestly know the name of. We also had a huge desserts table full of various goodies, pecan and pumpkin pies, a pumpkin roll, some pecan chocolate chip cookies, my pumpkin cookies, some fruit, and a few other things if I remember correctly. All in all we had a great spread, and great company as always!

As far as the meeting goes, it was a standard meeting. Nothing huge to really recap, though for those interested we did talk about the Ruidoso trip next year. Really all that was said about it is we plan to start having a few meetings about it for those interested in going. The first meeting is going to be next Tuesday at Pizza Plus, when we normally have lunch there, so about 1130-1200. So if you want to be included in the meeting, and are planning on going to Ruidoso next year, it might be a good idea to attend the lunch. We also talked a bit about the parade on the 24th. At the time of the meeting Jim had said they only had about 40 registrations, I just saw online that as of today they now have 108 registrations for the parade, which is a new record for the county. Jim took a count at the meeting, and weather depending, it looked like we had about 12-15 cars planning on attending. Last think of note on the list of things we talked about, the yearly collection for Hurst Ranch. As I’m sure you all know Hurst Ranch allows us to meet for free, and never asks anything of us other than that we clean up a bit when we leave, so we like to pass the hat every year for a donation to them as a thank you for allowing us to use their space. We would like to have the donations by the Christmas meeting at the latest, so if you want to pitch in, don’t forget to hand it over at the Bundgards on Dec 16th!

I think that’s about it for this update, I am still steaming ahead on the roster, and it’s mostly done, and all I have to do now is start collecting photos for the online roster. So if I don’t have a photo of you, which is most couples, or if you don’t think I have a “good” photo of you, catch me at the Christmas party and I’ll take a nice photo of you, or if it’s not raining and we attend the Christmas parade, I can take a picture of you there as well if you want. But I’d really love to have everyone’s photo. If you don’t catch me at the Christmas party, that’s ok, I can get a photo of you any time, but sooner than later would be preferred. But other than that, I think that’s it for this update. Here are some of the photos I was able to grab between the meeting and the food Thursday.

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