The Sonora A's - Welcoming you to the Motherlode!!

We had a great meeting last week on the 26th! We had a pretty good turn out, and lots of great dishes were brought for out annual Hard Luck Time pot luck dinner. For those of you who don’t know, our Hard Luck Times pot luck is our yearly get together where we show up with (mostly) vintage depression area dishes to share with our friends. This year was fun as always, though devoid of all bean dishes surprisingly, I’ve been told that last year was almost all bean dishes, and I had made a comment that this year there would be very few or none, mostly because everyone would be at home deciding on what to make and thinking to themselves “Hmmmm, I better not make beans this year, as everyone else likely will again.” and thus no one would make beans, and I seemed to have been correct this year.

I must say though, that there were only 3 dessert dishes, which I think is also odd for a Sonora A’s pot luck, as we all do like out desserts! But there was plenty of food, a great company this year! I think there were a few less people this month than the September meeting, but we still had a good 30-40 people, so all-in-all not too shabby I’d say!

A quick recap of the meeting for everyone not there, we started the sign up for the Christmas Installation Meeting at Bundgards, so if you want to go I suggest you make up your mind soon and make sure to have your $22 a person ready by the Nov 16th meeting. We also discussed the Christmas Parade a bit as well, and we will of course go over that some more at the Nov 16th meeting. We congratulated Paul Shinn for his appointment to the MAFCA Board, though he wasn’t there this meeting, he was a little under the weather and elected not to attend. I gave the club a quick overview of the new website, and everyone seemed to love that, and we talked a bit about all the other Sonora A’s events that we plan on doing from now till the end of the year, as I have mostly outlined here. Other than that, it was just a normal meeting, we were all out of there by 8 if I remember correctly, very full and very happy.

A general note as well, don’t forget that we have Jim Carnes’ Garage Warming Party to attend on Nov 4th, at 11AM. Basically just after Saturday Breakfast!

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