Welcoming you to the Motherlode area!!

Sonora Christmas Parade!!!

Sonora Christmas Parade!!!

Don’t forget, the annual Sonora Christmas Parade on Nov 23rd! The parade starts at 6PM, and will most likely go to 9-10PM.

If you’re watching the parade, don’t forget to come early and get a good seat to watch the parade. Don’t forget to dress warmly, bring yourself some hot coco, and bring something to block the rain. We don’t know yet if it’s going to rain, but no one can tell us for sure yet.

If you’re in the parade, and driving an old car with us, remember we’re going to get to the staging area at around 4:30PM and start decorating our cars. Don’t forget to make them look all pretty as we’re going to take a lot of nice pictures before the parade, and we want them to look pretty anyway so that everyone watching the parade can enjoy them as well. Also, don’t forget to make sure your horns are in working order, we all know how much the kids love them!!!

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